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Would you like become involved with a choir which offers friendship and fellowship? Should you decide to join The Cymric, you will have the opportunity to develop your musical knowledge, share in many moments of hilarity, widen your circle of friends, and participate in visits to many parts of the UK as well as touring overseas in the company of our respective partners.

All of this is possible with a choir which has a long standing history, but more importantly a positive future in its objectives of retaining, enhancing and spreading Welsh culture

’I Can’t Sing’’

This is the frequent somewhat negative, but in most cases incorrect response, when gentlemen are invited to join the choir.

’Most of us however can sing but don’t recognise it ‘’
Singing is an inherent characteristic to us humans, as breathing, eating and drinking.
It’s clearly an advantage if you can hold a tune in your head, but everything else can be taught-Something which Mair our Musical director excels at and can be demonstrated by the quality of the Choirs singing at our concerts.

Ladies Section

We pride ourselves on not just being a choir but a family choir where our wives and partners play a pivotal role.
The ladies section is a flourishing and integral part of the choir who meet up on a monthly basis and are instrumental in organising such diverse events as Poems and Pint evenings, Quiz Nights, Barbecues, and Treasure Hunts, all of which help to raise money for contributing to both charitable causes along with aiding the financing of choristers uniforms etc.

Our respective wives / partners always accompany us on our tours mainly to give us pocket money, dress us, and to tell us discreetly when we have had sufficient beer.

For further details please contact the David Lewis (Secretary) @ 

Assistant Secretary

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